The Four Secrets of Marketing

When you think of creating a new brand, it's easy to think of advertising executives sitting around the boardroom rambling about ideas that have the creativity to spur them on. However, all too often, the strongest brands come from adding a bit of “fun” to your brand experience. commercial.

The Four Secrets of Marketing

Driven by the successful corporate mindset, today's customers want to do business their way in their time. They want to make their own decisions. As entrepreneurs, it is our job to ensure that when customers are ready to make their choice, our product or service is the best choice for them.

Here are five secrets to spark some spark and imagination in your brand and create an unforgettable brand experience:

Secret 1: Tell your company's unique brand story

Television shows have always been a part of our culture. When viewers watch TV shows, they tell stories about the characters they are with.

And remember the stories of your favorite song? It tells the story of a beautiful lady, or a reality we live in.. well, you know how it goes.

Now imagine harnessing the power of storytelling for your business! By sharing your brand story, you create a strong relationship with your customers. They feel like they know you. This brand story paints a colorful microcosm of who you are, what vision you carry, and what experiences made you the company you are today. While your brand's story may not be as engaging as today's most popular stories, obsessed fans love to share the stories of their favorite brands with others.

*Listen to Business Stories There are many companies that have done a great job of weaving their brand story into their marketing message. Hear the stories of companies, how they started, what their story is, and the way events are told to get to know the marketing narrative through stories.

* The story of a candle company and more..., a young housewife lovingly makes Eid candles for her friends. The candles were hand-dipped in mulberry plant wax, which was readily available. From these humble beginnings and thousands of stories, great global corporations have been built. It resulted in additional income for the family.”

Now you can't imagine her sitting outside and looking at the berry plants in her backyard! Sure enough, a light bulb went off in her head as she picked berries from the bush and harvested the wax to make gift candles for her dear friends. A story like this makes you feel like when you get her product, you're getting more than just a factory-made product. Instead, you get a beautiful handmade candle. or something like that.

Great story and great marketing!

What is your brand story? Do you have a great story to tell about how your business started? Was there a turning point in your company that shaped your organization today?

Secret #2: Make your brand a household name by coining the term

Why define your brand experience in terms of the terms we actually use? Many of the companies that have done so are companies whose brand names have set the standards for their industry by becoming popular terms to describe: napkins, copies, and overnight delivery. They are all common names, which is fine and in the best interest of your business.

So how do you make your brand a household name?

 Nicknamed the "Flying Lady," she is an organized champion for moms across the county. She has turned her passion for style into a nationally recognized brand.

How did she do it? Add fun with its unique terms and philosophies. For example, its motto symbolizes loving yourself at last.

If you visit their website, you will notice that their branding is even reflected in some of the navigation links' names which is great for the ease of memorizing the name.

Secret #3: Add to Your Unique Brand of Humor

Humor has the power to turn an ordinary product into an enjoyable experience for all audiences. Lately, I've watched all the commercials that give a message of laughter and humor, bring joy and pleasure to all the unforgettable scenes, and touch the emotions, so they are always unforgettable and stay in memory if only a happy memory would be better!

The speaker wears a black tuxedo and says, "The red stripe - the beer in the short bottle. If ugly people stand by the red stripe, they look beautiful:"

Speaking to a man sitting next to him, "You, sir, are you saying you're ugly?

(Pause) You are so ugly!

The man sitting at a loss replied, “Well, I don’t know…”

The speaker offered him a glass of beer and said, "Here hold the red ribbon."

The man said, "Okay."

"Look, you are beautiful!" said the speaker. (Obviously, just by holding that beer, this formerly "ugly" guy turns into a beautiful one.)

The speaker said excitedly, “Red ribbon, it’s beer. Hooraaaayy Beer!”

"Hurray Bear," shouts the man.

And the speaker adds at the end: "...the beautiful man says."

The point is, while you've probably never heard of a beer ad before, this funny ad really stuck in your mind. Although we don't drink beer, this commercial definitely creates living room conversations in homes across the country.

This is how a funny campaign can instantly turn a new or unknown product into a national phenomenon.

Secret #4: Create your own phrases and quotes

If you type the words "inspirational quotes" into Google, you'll see that there are 1,130,000 listings. Hot quotes! So why not harness the power of quotes and phrases for your work?

Think back to commercials. It was a fun series of interesting commercials that made the whole country see the ad,

And think of Donald Trump's "You're Fired!" I'm sure he had no idea that his program, The Apprentice, would take off the way it was done and become what he is.

When you "create a catchy phrase or quote," you'll find your words appearing on websites, in blogs, talked about in elevators, written on bathroom walls, and in the most unexpected places.

Take a moment to step back and really look at your company's branding. With a little imagination, you can turn the purchase of your product or service into a unique and enjoyable brand experience that your customers will never forget?.

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